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OutCompete is able to offer business leaders and managers the road map of breakthrough opportunities by working closely with the business decision makers in order to discover the most effective business strategy.

OutCompete Books

Outcompete Innovation Series

  • Volume I. The Mind of The OutCompete Strategist.
  • Volume II. Strategic Innovation. How to Address Unsolvable Challenges.
  • Volume III. Strategic Innovation. Train Yourself To OutCompete With Confidence.

FutureMapping Series

  • Future Innovations for New Leaders in Car Transportation.
  • Future Innovations for New Leaders in Radio Business.



Formula for success is 1-2-3 simple!

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    Ask yourself, "What will consumers want tomorrow?" 

  2. Apply old adage, "better, more, for less" to what they buy today. 

  3. Execute this EMERGING expectation. 

The realization of such success is a common achievement for our Business Partners.

Comprehensive, explicit, specific, well-organized knowledge about consumers' emerging expectations grants them further leveraging of core competencies and acquired best practices.  This is how they enjoy:

  • Significant improvement of quality of customers' satisfaction...
    ...without need for significant changes in proven processes

  • Being first to recognize and take new Breakthrough Opportunities and markets

  • Making strategic decisions with peace of mind, with less risk and worry.

What does this information have to do with you and your business?  Perhaps everything, or nothing.  Everything, if you determine that this formula for success is relevant to your strategic initiatives for the balance of this year, decade or century, or nothing if you decide not to respond to this call to action.  The choice is always yours to make.