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OutCompete Profile

OutCompete provides consulting services in Strategic Business Process Improvement, Business Forecasting, and Business Intelligence services. OutCompete Team has extensive expertise and experience in rolex replica uncovering Breakthrough Business Opportunities in all types of businesses in various industries. OutCompete is constantly developing and researching the most effecting Business Strategy Planning and Facilitation processes to be able to provide the most effective solutions to our business clients. 

Len Kaplan, Founder of OutCompete

Managing Director, with responsibilities for business development, marketing and methodological support.

Len Kaplan has 25 years experience in business process improvement across multiple industries, including aerospace, energy, petroleum, healthcare, manufacturing, and high-tech.  Len's expertise includes identifying, analysis (modeling and operations research), scoping, forecasting, optimization and delivering quantifiable business value that is consistent with replica watches uk the client's revenue growing and strategic objectives.  

Len Kaplan has managed more than 80 successful innovative projects.  Consulted Fortune 500 companies, as well as multiple foreign companies (Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Japan).


Become familiar with Outcompete's Vision and Mission Statement.. Based on this foundation, OutCompete strives to provide the most important values to our clients which we prefer to refer to as our Business Partners.

OutCompete Vision Statement

Our vision is to replica watches be the nationally recognized most dynamic company, creating sustainable solutions essential to retaining and perpetuating the leading edge of American Business.

We are proactive in our efforts to increase the competitiveness of American Businesses in both national and global markets. 

We adapt, align and utilize our resources wisely and make practical use of state of the art Evolutionary Approach to best accomplish our mission. 

Our organization is responsible for development of comprehensive, explicit, specific and well-organized knowledge about American Society’s emerging expectations, and for empowering the American Businesses to implement the breakthrough opportunities to meet these expectations.

People with expertise in market evolution, efficient innovation and other functional areas work cooperatively as an integrated team. 

We foster open and collegial partnerships with our constituencies and customers to respond to concerns and needs. 

We maintain a worker-friendly environment, foster initiatives, value cultural and intellectual diversity, and nourish individual growth and professional development. 

Everyone exhibits pride in the organization, values and recognizes the contribution and accomplishments of each member of the OutCompete Team, and demonstrates mutual trust and respect. 

The entire OutCompete team pulls in the same direction with purpose, harmony, and grace.  We all live by, and our leaders exemplify the OutCompete Code of Ethics. 

By recognizing the expertise of everyone, we inspire cooperative decision-making. 

All are empowered to participate in the development of policy and approaches as well as to take responsibility for making decisions within those policy and approaches boundaries.

OutCompete Mission Statement

OutCompete is the organization devoted to restoration and preservation of the leading edge of the American Business. 

We foster the American Business health by empowering their core competencies and already adopted and proven best business practices through matching them with accelerated competitive changes in the marketplace. 

For this purpose, we develop and deliver to our Business Partners the comprehensive, explicit, specific and well-organized knowledge about American Society’s emerging expectations, breakthrough opportunities to meet these expectations, and obstacles on the way of realization of these opportunities produced by covert competitive threats.

OutCompete Values Statement

To become a Business Partner for American Businesses which will not become a useless and expensive “consultant” for any organization but to encompass evolution of American lifestyles and markets.

To be managed in an open, thorough and co-operative way.

All management, moderation and facilitation should be available, responsive and accountable.

With a commitment to foster excellence and to continue all prospects of the American Business’s achievement of success while it finishes its growth.

To include all the diversity of the evolutionary business approaches.

Using creativity through innovative ideas & projects of the OutCompete Team members and Business Partners.